Types of oil

No doubt olive oil is one of the best examples that reconcile food and health. A product of ancient tradition who, having recognized its importance by various civilizations we recover it in our time on the hand of the scientific evidence, as an element of choice in our diet and as one of the foods that confers identity to the Mediterranean diet.



it is the only oil obtained exclusively by mechanical procedures


It is without any doubt the healthiest and easiest to digest


The one that provides more vitamin A, D and E


Its a very nutritive product but, a it is 100% natural, it is no so fatty


It´s the oil that gives and extra point and flavour to salads ans stews


As it can raise to 180º, fried food is better than with other oils


Produces no colesterol, and is magnificient to cure and prevent circulatory and cardio diseases


It is very important to skin due to its contribution of dietary vitamin E