Current uses


In crude oil

The olive oil is preserved by the whole aroma and the flavor of the juices of fresh fruit, in salads, sauces or seasonings in vegetables. Also, sprayed in bread or toasts or even on smoked with olives of table, meats, sandwiches, sausages, etc.

In rehogados and stews

On slow fire and low temperature, the virgin olive oil always maintains all its properties, especially vegetables and vegetables.

Fritaduras and roasts

The virgin olive oil is the stablest of the vegetable fats and it does not produce poisonous reactions when one submits to frying, roast or cooking, in normal conditions. Rather everything opposite, it improves the gastronomic qualities of the food. On having fried, it forms a thin and consistent layer about the product, which prevents from absorbing more oil and allows to retain all the juices. The olive oil fries and does not cook, as they it do others.


Oil to wet: Virgin of Olive spills little Extra Oil in a plate or bowl, is added a pinch of salt and pepper. Virgin of Olive wets firewood bread in the Extra Oil, accompanied by a bunch of fresh grape and. . . good appetite. It is adapted to accompany it, a young red wine.

Smeared bread: there are cut some slices of bread of firewood. They are sprayed by Extra Oil Virgin of abundant Olive and a salt pinch. It is possible to take as it has an afternoon snack accompanied by one nuts.

Bread and oil: there get ready some slices of bread of firewood in a salver. It is sprayed by a few drops of scented vinegar and Virgin Extra Oil of Olive, spilled always in drops, to create a certification “work of art“, and crushed green pepper. We put sheep’s cheese on the slices and accompany it of a young red wine.

Yogurt sauce: there adds a thread of Extra Oil to herself Virgin of Olive, chive, salt and lemon squeezed in a pot with natural yogurt. It is possible to use the sauce obtained to prepare any delicacy to tact, from vegetables to meats.

With cheeses: se it spills an oil thread on fresh cheeses, both of cow and of sheep, with savory addition; the result is really amazing.


The beneficial effects of virgin olive oil on the body are:

Circulatory system: helps to prevent atherosclerosis and its risks.

Skin: has a protective and tonic effect over the epidermis.

Endocrin system: helps to improve our metabolic functions.

Skeletal system: stimulates grown and helps in calcic absortion and mineralization.

Virgin olive oil contains vitamin E, which offers antioxidant effect over cellular membranes, this is why it's specially recommended for childhood and elderly.



  • Has to keep it out of places with intense odors, because it easily absorbs weird odors.
  • To keep it save at home avoid iron containers. The best container are made out of Glass, waterproof brass or stainless steel. It is not advised those that have rust or have weldings made out of lead or tin, that had widespread use in the past.
  • Remember that olive oil has to be consumed preferably before one year from its packing date.
  • Never use new oil to refill containers having old oil in them, because it could leave stale oil if it isn't thoroughly clean it first.